Pre-paid Funeral Plan

Perhaps the best time to arrange a funeral is before it’s needed, without the emotion and stress that often accompanies a death.

Taking out a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is as much a part of caring for your family as preparing a Will, or purchasing insurance.

It also helps you decide exactly how you would like to be remembered.

At Glen Funerals there are two ways to plan a Pre-Paid Funeral. To arrange a Pre-Paid Funeral you can either meet with our specialist Funeral Planner by calling 1800 260 444, or click on the button below to apply for a Funeral Fee Proposal:

Some Funeral Directors offer all inclusive funeral packages, at Glen Funerals we specialise in tailoring funerals to reflect each family’s wishes in honouring their loved one. Our staff can provide creative guidance and advice on your loved one’s celebration, and can assist with ideas on how to tailor the service to include special and personal touches.

So if you would like an itemised fee proposal, outlining all of the services and costs involved in arranging a funeral, or require any assistance with regard to Funeral Plans, please phone 1800 260 444.