Pre Paid Funeral Plan

Perhaps the best time to arrange a funeral is before it’s needed, without the emotion and stress that often accompanies a death.

A pre-paid funeral not only allows you to explicitly record your wishes, it also gives you and your family the peace of mind to know that everything is taken care of. 

There are countless benefits to pre-planning your funeral. First and foremost, it helps ensure that your end-of-life wishes will be met. Your family and the funeral director will know exactly how you would like to be honored at your funeral ceremony.

A pre paid funeral plan can also alleviate stress, both financial and emotional, from your family. Many families find that planning a funeral while they are still grieving the loss of their loved one can be a very difficult process. Pre-arranging your funeral allows you to ensure that during that difficult time, your family will be able to focus on mourning their loss and comforting each other.


Taking out a Pre Paid Funeral Plan is as much a part of caring for your family as preparing a Will, or purchasing insurance.

It also helps you decide exactly how you would like to be remembered.

At Glen Funerals there are two type of Pre Paid Funeral Plan. To arrange a Pre-Paid Funeral you can either meet with our specialist Funeral Planner by calling 1800 260 444, or click on the button below to apply for a Funeral Fee Proposal:

Some Funeral Directors offer all inclusive funeral packages, at Glen Funerals we specialise in tailoring funerals to reflect each family’s wishes in honouring their loved one. Our staff can provide creative guidance and advice on your loved one’s celebration, and can assist with ideas on how to tailor the service to include special and personal touches.

So if you would like an itemised fee proposal, outlining all of the services and costs involved in arranging a funeral, or require any assistance with regard to Funeral Plans, please phone 1800 260 444.

Understanding funeral planning and options with funeral planners

Funeral planning refers to the process of arrangement of a funeral for a deceased loved one. While it’s undoubtedly a stressful and challenging time for family and friends, the process becomes easier to manage with the help of a funeral planner. A funeral planner is a professional specialising in guiding families through the funeral planning process while offering a range of options tailor-made to the specific needs of each family.

Funeral planners can help you navigate the many decisions that must be taken. Additionally, they can help you understand the costs associated with different options and provide guidance on everything from selecting a funeral home to choosing the perfect casket or urn.

Funeral planning services include helping you choose a cemetery or crematorium, musician/ vocalist, venue, caterers, clergy/celebrant, urn, garments, and making floral arrangements. They are also instrumental in preparing and collecting the registered death certificate and medical certificate required for the crematorium and distributing funeral and death notices.

Advantages of Pre-paid Funerals

Financial Security: By pre-paying for your funeral, you shield your loved ones from potential financial strain, ensuring they won’t have to bear unexpected expenses during an emotionally challenging time.

Personalised Farewell: Pre-planning allows you to customise every aspect of your funeral, ensuring it reflects your unique life, values, and wishes.

Inflation Protection: Locking in today’s prices safeguards your funeral against inflation, providing considerable savings in the long run.

Reduced Emotional Burden: Your family will be spared the burden of making difficult decisions during their grief, as your arrangements are already in place.

Flexible Payment Options: Glen Funerals offers flexible payment options, allowing you to pay in a lump sum or through convenient instalments based on your preferences.

Professional Handling: With Glen Funerals, you can trust that your funeral arrangements will be handled professionally and with the utmost care and respect.

Peace of Mind: Planning your funeral in advance grants you and your family peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of according to your wishes.

What are the benefits of Pre paid Funerals Plan?

Pre-paid funerals offer numerous benefits, providing peace of mind and financial security for you and your loved ones. Planning and paying for your funeral in advance alleviates the burden of decision-making on your family during their grief. Locking in the funeral costs at today’s prices shields your family from inflation and rising expenses.

Additionally, you have the freedom to personalise your funeral, ensuring it aligns with your wishes and values. Choosing a pre paid funeral plan with Glen Funerals guarantees that your arrangements will be handled professionally and respectfully, reassuring you and your family.

How do Pre Paid Funeral Plan Work?

Pre-paid funeral plans with Glen Funerals are straightforward and tailored to your preferences. You begin by discussing your wishes with our compassionate team, who will guide you through the available options. Once you have selected the funeral services and features you desire, we provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs.

After finalising the plan, you can choose to pay in a lump sum or through convenient instalment options. Your funds are held securely in a trust or invested wisely to ensure their availability when needed. With a pre-paid funeral plan, you gain peace of mind knowing that your arrangements are in place and your family will be relieved of the financial burden when the time comes.