Funeral Customisation Options

Today, many families utilise our in-house Memories and Tributes Consultants to prepare and design a variety of highly personalised keepsakes for those who attend the funeral, such as:

  • Celebrated Moments DVD
  • Order of Service Booklets
  • Thank You cards
  • Memento Cards
  • Service Booklets (for Catholic families, we are able to prepare and design personalised Mass Booklets)
  • Portraits of Life Banners

Celebrated Moments DVD:

Our in-house consultants help families remember their loved one though a Celebrated Moments DVD. The DVD is a moving montage of treasured photographic moments selected from your family photo archives. Your family photographs are brought to the screen with a themed background of music and suitable on-screen text. The DVD capturing the special moments of your loved one's life is shown during the funeral service, and is given to the family as a lasting tribute.

Memorial Books:

Our range of contemporary memorial books allow those attending the funeral service to record their attendance.

Other creative products and services

Our caring Funeral Planners are trained to encourage families to celebrate the life of their loved one in the ways that best reflect their life. We are therefore able to arrange a variety of creative experiences to help celebrate a life, including:

  • Live or recorded music
  • Catered refreshments
  • Release of Doves of Peace or Helium Balloons
  • Professional photography
  • Candle lighting ceremonies
  • Selection of an appropriate venue for the funeral
  • A champagne toast as part of the service