Men & Grief

When a Man faces Grief: 12 Practical ways to help you heal from loss
Golden and Miller - Willowgreen Publishing, 1998

This book has already become something of a classic in its focus on men and their grief.  It not only includes ways a man can address his own grief, but a second portion of the book outlines ways in which a spouse or friends can support the man in his grief.

Men Don't Cry... Women Do: Transcending gender stereotypes of grief
Martin and Doka - Routledge Publishers, 2000

This book outlines the many ways that an individual can experience, express and adapt to grief.  While it acknowledges gender influences it also discusses how each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses and is unique in their expressions of loss.

Why Men Grieve: Why men grieve differently and how you can help them
Elizabeth Leavng - Fairview Press, 1998

Eleven men tell their stories of grief and different reactions.  They speak of loss  through unemployment, divorce, personal injury and funerals, death.  The author then writes a commentary on each story, providing information and balance to this work.